Letters to our Pastor’s wondering thought

A little girl named Chelsea was wondering one night, why does she have her illness. She doesn’t have the answer, but she does know that praying each night helps her to ease her suffering from chemotherapy, and praying for other children in her ward also ease her mind on other’s suffering. Her dedication and her faith in our Lord have lasted over a year before she returned to our heavenly father. Such dedication for a girl of such tender age touched many in her family, but it was after her departure that family members gradually began to hear a clearer message from our Lord.

The homeward bound journey 
The day of the memorial service, Chelsea would have been happy and proud of the wonderful service in her honour. She was buried at her family’s ancestral village at Sai Kung. Many followed the journey to the burial site. For eleven of her family members, their journey continued onto the path of Christ….

Letters to our Pastor’s wondering thought - Relatives' Account


(Mum: was totally shattered by the lost. It took many days of reflection and many hours of comforting by family and friends to ease the pain of losing Chelsea. The weekly Sunday service brought a weekly dose of healing. The warmth of the Church’s environment slowly revealed the love of Christ. Having been a catholic at high school, her journey return to Christ has started) 

I was baptized as a Catholic when I was 13 years old. I studied in a Catholic secondary school and at that time I felt I needed someone to support me. I felt God was the one. However, I did not know much about being a Catholic, apart from having a daily Lord’s Prayer. It was much about me, about asking God to help me. I did not go to Church regularly and had no Church family. My religion soon faded away after I left Hong Kong to UK to further my studies. Chelsea’s faith had turned me into a Christian and helped me to understand a bit more about Christianity.

Chelsea’s spiritual journey started with the mixed help from Fe (our domestic helper) and myself. Fe introduced God to Chelsea when she was little. I started asking Chelsea to pray with me soon after she was diagnosed of the cancer. She memorized the Lord’s Prayer after a few practice. We started to pray for other things and everything, including her health. Sometimes she would say, “Mum that is a good one”.

Chelsea’s faith grew more independently and she started praying by herself and refused to let me know what she prayed for. Sometimes when she prayed she would touch me gently. I knew she was praying for me.

Less than a month before she left us, we planned for a minor operation for her. That was to take out the fluid in her lung. I thought the operation would help her feel better or even prolong her life. I prayed for the smooth operation. I saw Chelsea kept on praying quietly when we were waiting for the CT scan. The scan needed to be done immediately before the operation to see the level of fluid in her lung. I was devastated when the doctor said there was no need to proceed with the operation. The scan showed no fluid but full of solid tissues (cancer) in her lung! Just when I thought I had to pretend a happy face for Chelsea so that she would not be disappointed too, she was already smiling to me. She was so happy to tell me that God had helped her. She said she was praying hard so that she did not need to have the operation and it came true for her. My mind was suddenly “opened”. From my perspective, I thought the operation would be good for her. She saw it differently.

This little story told me that it was not what we want from God to help us or to satisfy our needs and wants. When we think something is good for us, it may not be so in God’s plan. Not everything can be explained in a human, logical or reasonable way. God has his plan for us and we simply need to have faith to follow him.

Chelsea’s departure at that time was filled with God’s presence. Her baptism, her radio interview, HK$1 million donation to charity, the “Ten Thousand Angels” song, the rainbow from the last episode of a TV show …… all that came at the right timing. She has dreamed of Jesus showing her a video; the memorial service; the funeral… Chelsea is the chosen one from God and the one to bring our families together to God.


(Dad: Going to church after Chelsea’s departure provided a weekly cushion against the fall from depression, anger and uncertain future. As time passes by, the message from God became loud and clear but his stubbornness got the better of him. However, Christ’s unconditional love and patience are abundance and in time, as according to his plan, all things will work out.)

The weekly Sunday at Church after December 2003 was a search for an answer. It also brought a sense of comfort knowing Chelsea was ‘sent off’ on the site. Instead of drowning my sorrow in my usual manner and in the material world, a warm magical force took me to the regular house group gathering at the Wong’s and the Kingman’s. For someone who strongly believed in the scientific world, the concept of a religious belief was not easily accepted. A number of “mountain’ experiences occurred after Chelsea’s departure, although very significant and often turned my anger into reassurance and hope, they were still not enough to convince a dive into commitment. While the pain was lingering and not much was happening, an event was unfolding that would reach and touch my life and the lives of many others. The Lord does work in mysterious ways. HE called for the Purpose Driven Life campaign.

At the time and as a non-Christian, I accepted the role of a group leader. With no knowledge of any of the scriptures, nor could I explain the difference between the old and the new testaments, I wrote out an email in the office to a number of colleagues. The content of the email was quite simple, in brief, the message was (“What on earth are you here for? Do you know your purpose of your existence? If you don’t have the answer, please join me for a gathering…….”) Reflecting on the whole event, on every step and every difficulty encountered, the good Lord was there to smooth out the gathering, and before long, the forty days were over in a flash. Rick Warren’s material and attending our regular house-group (usually the night before my own PDL group) provided all the motivation to do the Lord’s work. Nine people responded to the call, a mixture of seniority and age group, a background of different religions and beliefs (atheism included). Each gathering provided a dose of headaches and challenges, but in all, plenty of fun and discussion. Whoever said Christian topics are boring…..The PDL allowed me to walk onto the right track, and the call from God was getting louder.

Still, the Lord allowed me another 3 months to decide on my commitment. On 27 June 2004, I decided to take up the stand for Jesus Christ. It was an emotional affair on that Sunday. It had been a tense hour among the congregation, waited anxiously for the end of the service and for Pastor Harry to invite anyone to receive Christ. I assured you it was nerve wracking deciding to go out or not, but strangely I was transported from my pew to the front of the sanctuary without giving a second though, as though I was ushered out. Upon reflection, Chelsea’s daily prayer was truly an inspiration for tenacity. I will always remember how each night before bedtime, she, along with mum and I recited the Lord’s Prayer followed by moments of silent pray. She would always be the last one to finish and mostly with a smile. Trust in the Lord and He will deliver. My commitment however should have really started on Chelsea’s last moments with us. The evening before her leaving, she was waiting for daddy to say the final goodbye. Holding her closely, I assured her that “it’s OK to go with Jesus; daddy loves her and will always love her; she will always be remembered and that when it’s time, both mummy and daddy will see her in the heavenly kingdom”. That was my promise and my journey towards the righteous path has begun.

The actual immersion took another 6 months or a year after Chelsea’s departure. The though of her bravery have been the driving force. Her attitude and her behaviour in her final year embedded many attributes a good Christian should posses. Her story has helped not just her direct family, but through her inspiration, family members have reached out to others spreading the love of Christ, and I thank the Lord for allowing such a sweet little angel having entered all of our lives.


Auntie Rainbow

I was thinking to send you an email for Chelsea Memorial Day as to how we can comfort each others and remember her, and just realized you sent an email regarding this matter, just felt spiritually we are connected somehow. (Responding to James’s email)

Chelsea’s life has been short but has great impact on our family life because we have
Come to know Christ, and how can we bring joy and hope to others in need, even our journey to know Christ is not automatic, a lot of difficulty to overcome.

What we can learn from Chelsea’s life, for me it is to be grateful in what we have, to appreciate life ahead of us, to see God in people whether they’re Christian or not because God wants to use us to be his instrument to reach out to other people and inspire them by your action. Through Chelsea sacrifice, I am sure all of us feel a sense of caring compassion for others. She brings out Jesus’ love in all of us.

I remembered her as a joyful character who love beauty, and tidy, let’s not only remember her suffering side, she will love us to share this joy and hope to help other in need because she is close to Jesus and doing good work, I sometime pray for her help in the middle of difficulty. For me she is like an Angel.

I’ll look forward to the day of meeting Chelsea in heaven, but meanwhile I will work hard to do many good things to qualify myself to be there. Let’s live our life with joy and peace so other can benefit. What ever we can contribute and receive from now on, we can thank a little girl named Chelsea.

Love Auntie Rainbow


Chelsea is a very special girl. I’ve always thought of her like a sister. Her life, although short has had a very big impact on everyone around her even at present. Chelsea in her tender years even thought of others suffering when she herself was in pain too, you get the feeling that she is doing the miracle work of Jesus such as raising for charity in her condition no ordinary child can do. She shows great maturity beyond her years I would not even begin to understand, I believe that Christ was guiding her through troubled times. When Chelsea passed away our whole family was in pain, though the realization that she’s gone to heaven and is now with Christ brings us joy.

Cousin Jason

Uncle CM

I accepted Christ on 27 Dec 2003 the same day as Chelsea’s funeral, I drove Pastor back to church that day.

Maggie accepted Christ on the way to Sai Kung on the same day.

Olivia accepted Christ in U.K. after attending a Chinese church in Feb 2004.

To all of us we are very thankful how God used Chelsea to guide us back to Him. We don’t understand the process, sometimes we don’t want to accept this, but we are now Saved because of Chelsea’s sacrifice, we are deeply thankful.

Also Chelsea’s bravery, strength, kindness and determination have set an example for all of us to follow. The trouble we have been facing can never match what Chelsea has been through. So when I’m depressed, I draw on God’s wisdom and Chelsea’s strength to help me through.

I hope one day we will celebrate in Heaven, a big hug and a personal thank you face to face. There will be tears, but tears of joy.



I kneeled closely by her as she looked into the sky deeply and pray…

Our Father which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy Kingdom come.
Thy will be done in earth,
as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those
who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil:
For thine is the kingdom,
and the power, and the glory,
forever and ever.

That’s when I first came across God. She didn’t blame this God on why this disease landed on her, instead…she stayed strong and smiled gently at him. A young girl as such wish that the whole family can be saved by this awesome God…

Chelsea is mature, loving, caring, brave and strong. Her life was filled with success and purpose. She is probably more successful and has a better understanding of the purpose of life than most of us… and I do sometimes wonder how a girl age only about 6 is capable of doing that.

…When God came to my life…I understand.

God has completely changed the way I think and act. I used to be a quiet, shy, not very sociable person. Don’t know how to communicate; don’t know how to fit in into the society; get bullied; don’t know how to stick up for myself etc.

Well that’s before. Ever since I accepted God as my personal saviour, changes started to happen…

My life’s been blessed and the road ahead was just planned out for me…God has plans for everyone and I believe that.

But most important of all…I’ll never forget that sweet little angel that saved my life… and also the rest of the family’s life.

…for she will always be remembered!!!!

Love Hung Hei-medium gor gor


I’m really proud to have a little sister like Chelsea. She’s a young little girl who managed to care for the others while she’s suffering in pain that we can never imagine. At her most difficult time in life, she didn’t even blame anyone. She stood by her faith and believed in the Lord all the way. I don’t understand how she could be so strong and brave about this. 7 yrs don’t seem like a long time for a lot of us, but during that short period of time, she has already achieved something special that some people will never achieve in their entire life.

20th of Dec, 2003… my life’s changed completely since then. I sort of left the innocent world I was living in. I start thinking more, start questioning and it sort of got me realize how cruel our world can be.
The reason I start going to church was just my way of paying respect to my little sister, and at the same time, I was more like questioning the Lord instead of obeying him.

Basically if not for ‘Sea Sea’, I would have never stepped into a church. Since it’s her last wish, that’s why I give it a go. Before that, I thought church is for loser, weak people and kind of boring in a way.

They said everything happens for a reason, because of our sin or something? But what’s the reason for a seven yrs old girl to die for? She hasn’t got any sin, and she definitely doesn’t deserve to die for our family sin or however they explain it.

It’s been four years since she left us. I’ve gone a little bit more mature. From time to time, I’ll start thinking what she’ll be like if she’s still with us. I just don’t understand why the Lord won’t even let her make it to Christmas, it’s only five days away, and I know she’ll be very looking forward to it as well.

My attitude toward the Lord has finally softened up, started to have the habit of praying for everyone before bedtime, and learn to love everyone no matter who they are. I’ve tried to stop hating my enemy. It’s hard though, I need to properly put down my pride and make the first move, and to be honest I’m still not good at that.

Little ‘Sea Sea’ taught and showed our family how to love and care for the other, she will live on in our heart forever and we should always live our life for her.

Love u as always,
‘tai gor gor’ Tim.


Well to start with, Chelsea was and still IS a very special person to me, before she was more of a sister but now she is still a sister but also a heroine.

She had changed many people’s lives and those lives are still changing bringing more and more people to the love of Christ.

Firstly, she is our heroine because she brought us to Christ which means that she had saved us all. And she also has many heroic qualities, she was kind, loving, and she put others before herself in many cases. Even though she was weak physically, mentally she was amazingly strong. She was so brave and it sometimes made me wonder that if it had been me in her place would I have been able to do the things that she had done? And I would just think, as much as I would like to have done, I don’t think I would’ve been able to. But then again, I doubt many people would have been able to do the things she had done for so many people. Her bravery and strength surpasses many even ones twice or three times her age, and easily.

As I remember the many things she has done for this family and other people too I just think how lucky and fortunate we are to have had a chance to be with her. She was really something special because she led us all to our Lord God. And that is the best thing you could ever ask or to wish for.

Being a Christian now, has really changed my life. I used to think that being a Christian wasn’t much, though I did vaguely think of becoming one when I was younger. I thought that all they did was go to church, occasionally read the bible and that was it. As you can tell my knowledge about Christians and Christianity then wasn’t very wide. I think I started going to church with my mum and aunt was when they came back from HK after Chelsea’s funeral. I started by following them to go to the Chinese congregation. And though they were very warm and taught my mum and aunt many things about God, I didn’t seem to learn very much, this problem was probably due to the language because even though I did understand some of it, there was a lot of confusion. So they decided for me to join the Chinese youth. That helped more and I learnt some more about God. But at that time I wasn’t very serious about it all and felt that I only needed to go to church and that was it. It wasn’t until I went to the English youth did I really start to learn more about God. I feel really grateful for the day when they tried to make me go to the English Youth because I was actually very reluctant to go and I was “happy” the way I was in church (not doing anything). So I started going to youth, and the way they engaged with the people really impressed me so I kept on going. I was actually very impressed then with the worship, and I thought I hope one day I will be able to join their worship team. I attended most of the youth services and I really learn a lot about God from them. Also earlier this year, I was able to join the worship team due to an unexpected circumstance which I was very happy about. And it is true about how everything seems so much better when you participate in something.

God truly is amazing, and the more you hear about him the more you really do want to tell others just how amazing he is. And even though I have learnt more about God, there is still a very long journey ahead and I know I will learn more about him everyday, as you can’t learn all about him! If it was not for our Chelsea (and God of course!) we wouldn’t have the chance to be with this amazing God and all these doors wouldn’t be open in front of us. And I am really grateful for everything that has happened. I also wish to set myself a target: That is to help as many people to get to know Jesus Christ and God so that they could know all the joys it can bring you!!!


Christmas is coming once more and I am sure you are very happy but however, Christmas is not just about going to parties, eating turkey and having a fun time. But it is also a time to celebrate the birth of our lord Jesus Christ who died for us on the cross and led us to salvation. Speaking of Christ, I did not believe in Christ for the first 5 years of my life but Chelsea Lee was the one who led me to Jesus Christ. I am very happy to be so blessed as one of Gods’ children and for him to give me so many good things and I will return his love.


It is Christmas again, Christmas is not quite the same anymore, it brings a mixed feeling, sad because we are spending Christmas again without our loved ones and happy because we are part of God’s kingdom. I remember when the time Rachel, Justin and I were in HK and the four Li families used to spend every Christmas together with much joy and laughter. Those were moments I treasured deep in my heart, so rich in good memories what happy days they were.

God works in a miraculous way, though the happy days were short and Chelsea’s time with us were brief her caring and loving character has touched all of our hearts and her wish for the Li family to bring God into their lives is still echoing in my ears. She was sent from heaven above for a mission and she has accomplished the task that God gave her beautifully and gone back. I miss her dearly. But I am sure with God’s love; Jesus grace and our belief we will meet again one day and then it would be for good. The work she did was great and she used her life to bless us so we should continue this spirit to use our life to bless others. Chelsea has helped bring reborn to many members of our family. I hope one day that it will be all members of the family and also to every nation.

I first heard of Jesus when I was 7, and as I grew older my belief faded away, but the calling of God through Chelsea has wakened my sleeping soul. For God love us so much he will not leave us and he will not forsake us. He will somehow guide and embrace us back into his arms.

I remembered my sinner’s prayer was led by Pastor Harry, inside the coach to Chelsea’s burial. I wasn’t too sure of my faith then, but now that 4 years have gone by, God had also used many circumstances to strengthen my faith. many things had happened in the past 4 year, mostly upsetting one, it has been a very hard time of my life, though I can not see and feel God but I know he is watching over me and my children, and always be there in my need and for my protection, His love has never failed us, I hope in the years to come my faith will only grow stronger in the love of Jesus Christ.


Auntie Olivia

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ, the savior of all sinners. The festive season should be a happy affair. Four years ago, however each members of our family went through the saddest Christmas. We were deeply in pain, lost hope and lives’ worthiness. The world has darkened with no sense of security. We have witnessed a sweet, loving and understanding young girl, Chelsea, very bravely fought a bitter battle against cancer. We all stood hopelessly watching on the sideline and waiting for the inevitable. That day came just a few days before Christmas. It seemed so cruel; we were so disappointed and have lost all hope and our total self-confidence.

Chelsea had committed to Christ during her illness. In her final days, a few Christians often came visited her and her parents with words of comfort. I happened to be around on one of the visits. It was my first contact with Christians. Amidst the conversation, I was intrigued to hear they said Chelsea will enter the kingdom of heaven and we will all be united when our time comes. I thought to myself, what does that mean? I very much wanted to know the truth behind and hopefully allowing me to see Chelsea again.

I entered a church for the first time that Christmas. I knew nothing of Jesus except Mary gave birth to Jesus in a manger and that Jesus was sacrificed on a cross. I used to be self-centered and shielded myself from Christianity; used to think you must depend on yourself and work, earn for everything you need. Lord, please forgive my ignorance then.

A few Christian relatives commented that they would have never expected that I would become a Christian and wanted to know what could have changed me to be a devoted follower of Christ. The Lord’s message came to me was not through evangelism by others but simply a few words from Chelsea. She had said “I know Bah Leung (Aunties); Bah Bah (Uncles); Gor Gor (elder brothers-cousins); Tse Tse (elder sisters –cousins) and everyone in the family would become Christians, but one of the Uncles and Aunties would not I’m afraid….” Our Lord has employed Chelsea to foretell eventual outcome. When her mother told me her wishes, we were all moving into the direction not merely to fulfill her simple and beautiful request but we were all longing to see her again. What was amazing was that one after another, our family members have accepted Christ as our Savior – all (well almost) except the ones Chelsea mentioned.

My husband made his commitment to Christ on Chelsea’s funeral day, and on my return to UK a few days afterward, I frantically search for a suitable church. The Lord has led me to a church, not within my neighborhood, but at a considerable distant within the London city centre. Having only driven around the suburb of Surrey, I could barely drive around the local town centres. When Sunday came, however, He has blessed me with sufficient courage to take the wheels. After a few Sundays, I pledged my commitment, and my life had changed ever since.

Prior to my commitment, I was encountering a number of misfortunate. I was prone to worry and timid. Taking care of my two sons in unfamiliar environment brought fear and no sense of security; afraid to stay at home alone or venture out at night unless accompanied by someone. Illness became a frequent affair. I was falling into a depression without consciously knowing it. So it was a total turnaround when Jesus entered my life. I felt a real sense of peace. I prayed each day to remove my fear, and praised the Lord when I started doing household activities at night by myself without any fear. I felt the Lord was guiding me every step of the way. He is truly the one and only true God deserving our whole hearted love. I have totally surrendered to Jesus.

I was never a person of initiation and had always been afraid of pressure, but I began to read the bible and proactively learn how to pray. I have never studied so hard. Through dedication, I started to understand God’s words and realized how little Chelsea, at such tender age and suffering from her illness could bring comfort in the face physical pain and doubts, often reassuring her mother. At such a young age, she knew how to trust our Lord, pray in the face of adversity and the Holy Spirit will accompany her through her trials. Chelsea had always been able to summon needed courage to stand tall when facing difficulties. In an incident I would like to highlight and will live with me always; a few days before Chelsea left us, Maggie (Chelsea’s 3rd Auntie) and I rushed back from UK to be with her. We were and will always be a very close family. Each child is like our very own. On that evening, I saw Chelsea breathing very heavily and was in obvious discomfort. I learned on that evening that we must treasure each breath we take and that each movement we make is a blessing. With thoughts of Chelsea in pain and fearing the inevitable, I couldn’t sleep that night, so I went out to see her. While beside her, she wasn’t asleep, her head laid down and simply staring without direction. When she realized I was there, she summoned up her strength and spoke to me in her sweet soft voice. “Why are you up so early? Can’t you sleep? You will have jet lack. I’m alright, do get some sleep”. Seeing her with such pain in finishing her sentence, I told her not to speak. At the time, my head was spinning with the question of how! How does a little girl, bearing such suffering could still be concern for other…..at 7 years old…..I realized now she loved God, believed in Him and understand His intention. God want us to love Him, love others. Chelsea also understood we must use our lives to bring glory to God. She is truly a role model for me.

In her short life, she has not only placed total trust in God but lived it out daily. For her age, she was more intelligent than any of our family members, she taught us to walk on the right path. Even though she has left us in this world, she will live on in our heart. Her name will surely continue to shine for the glory of God.

After a year of commitment to Christ, through the Lord’s guidance I became a group leader at church and began active evangelism. Visiting others in need or with illness and bringing the Lord’s comfort and message. In my continuous journey and fulfilling God’s work, I have had times struggling with the question, ‘Was Chelsea’s unpleasant incident worth the prize to pay?’ The answer of course came to me through the scriptures. In fact answer to any difficulties is written in the scriptures. The biggest reassurance is that over 10 of our family members have committed to Christ and each is doing God’s work in some form or another. Being a Christian is not an exclusive membership but to share the message with others. Through Chelsea’s inspiration, over forty persons have now pledged to Christ from the work of our small group at church. Chelsea is our family leader through Christ and a small angel in the heavenly family. My task will hopefully continue into mainland China. It was the wish of Chelsea. She has said the people there is so unfortunate because they do not have the opportunity to know Christ. I will work hard, equip myself and travel to China!
I have undertaken to be totally committed to the Lord’s work and reach out to all, bringing glory to our Lord and a smile to Chelsea.

Closing Remark

Our family had been very close. Regular gathering of family dinner was always an eventful matter, family outings and reunions were always joyous affair. The crushing news of Chelsea’s illness brought together a close family even closer. Recently, two more members, Chelsea’s cousins, have touched our faith and made an early acceptance. The Lord has brought a special angel to our family delivering a message that true happiness is beyond our present and through one of our beloved member, we were able to comprehend the true love of Jesus and the sacrifice He made for us all. We are forever indebted to Chelsea for showing us we can be a member of an even bigger family in Christ, guiding us to continue our worldly journey until we are all reunited in the heavenly kingdom.


Christmas 2007