A dream come true for Chelsea


Chelsea is a lovely 7-year old girl suffering from Osteogenic Sarcoma. Her wish was to meet her favorite pop sensation, Twins. To find time from Twins’ packed and busy schedule was not an easy task. However when Make-A-Wish FoundationR of Hong Kong contacted its ambassador Miss Kathy Chow – a top fashion model – to ask for her assistance, she immediately contacted her sister Nikki, who was filming with Twin’s Charlene at that time. When Charlene found out about Chelsea’s wish, she was most happy to invite Chelsea and her parents to her movie’s premiere: “Diva ? Ah Hey”.

On that day before the movie premiere, Nikki’s assistant escorted Chelsea and her parents to a singing competition that was judged by Charlene, Nikki and other movie stars. Chelsea was given VIP treatment and sat in the front row. When Charlene was on stage, she was gave special attention to Chelsea and waved at her and said “Hello!” Chelsea was very excited and gave her a big smile.

Although Chelsea would normally be too tired to stay up so late to watch the movie, this was one time she would definitely make an exception! Her mom told the Make-A-Wish FoundationR of Hong Kong that Chelsea forced herself to take a nap that afternoon – something she usually refuses to do!

While Nikki’s assistant introduced Chelsea to Gillian of Twins, the little girl held her breath with anticipation. With sparkling eyes Chelsea met her idol and gave her a drawing she had done with her cousin and explained to Gillian how she made it. In fact, Chelsea had prepared it a long time ago and attempted to give it to Twins three times without success during a concert. Gillian chatted with Chelsea, who suddenly had a special request. She wanted Gillian to hug her. The pop star obliged and gave Chelsea a big warm hug and Chelsea kissed her in return.

A few minutes later, Charlene and Nikki met Chelsea before the media interviews. Chelsea understood how busy the Twins were, and savoured each second she had with them. She talked to them non-stop and also took pictures with them. Charlene gave Chelsea a big hug and threw her arms around Chelsea’s tiny body for the photos. Everyone could tell from Chelsea’s eyes that it was the moment she would never forget.

The magical evening then come to an end and the Twins said goodbye to Chelsea. Their meeting with her had given the girl a lot of support and encouragement. On the way home from the movie, Chelsea called her cousin in England to share her “wish come true” experience and happily recounted what a special time it had been with the Twins.