chelsea-floorChelsea Athene Lee was born on February 9th, 1996. She passed away on December 20th, 2003 and became an angel in heaven. Since June, 2002, she had been fighting Osteosarcoma with unimaginable strength and determination. She leaves behind two loving parents, James and Melissa, many relatives and friends, and a legacy of courage, love, hope, and faith.

Chelsea embodied the best of the human spirit. She was courageous in her fight with cancer. She was kind and comforting to others when she was in pain. She was selfless in her desire to help others in need. She maintained hope all the way until the end. She had faith in God and believed that she was going to a peaceful place. She loved those around her and she loved God.

For those who knew Chelsea, she has inspired us to make the most out of life and to be strong in the face of difficulties and turmoil. She has helped us put things in perspective so that we will know that no matter how tough life may seem to be, we can overcome anything if we have courage, love, hope, and faith.

For those who did not know Chelsea, her story is a source of inspiration. When she talked about her life to an RTHK interviewer, her voice touched so many people that they gave generously to charity.

In the spirit of giving, family and friends of Chelsea would like to invite you to purchase a “Make-a-Wish Bear” in fond memory of Chelsea Lee so that more children will have their wishes granted.

Words From Family

  • Chelsea Athene Lee

    In the past 7.5 years, my wife and I were blessed with a very special child, Chelsea.

    Chelsea had, through all these years, given us enormous joy and laughter. She had touched the hearts, not just of my wife and myself, but almost everyone that came into contact with her . . . . .

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